How To Buy The Best Diamond Ring For Special Occasions?


When going out to buy a diamond ring for an engagement or other special purposes, then it’s important to know about the 4Cs which come with them, namely- Clarity, Color, Carat Weight and Cut. These are the global standards when it comes to judging the quality of diamonds and it allows one to compare the quality of one diamond to the other. Here’s what they mean and more:

  • Clarity: The clarity factor of a diamond determines the absence of blemishes and inclusions which affect the shining of a diamond.
  • Color: The colour grades are settled between D to Z. These colour grades determine a diamond’s colour or lack of it. Diamonds which don’t come in colour or less of it is much rare.
  • Carat Weight: As one might know, carat weight determines the apparent size of a diamond.
  • Cut: This is the factor where a diamond’s quality determines just how well it shines.

After understanding the 4Cs, it’s important that you know the difference between diamond cut quality and diamond shapes:

  • Shape: Before going out to buy an engagement ring, you must understand the above. The shape is the outline of a diamond when it is viewed from the face-up. The most popular diamond shape is round but obviously, there are a lot of other shapes like oval, pear, marquise, heart, square and rectangle.
  • Cutting Style: This refers to the facets of a diamond and how they are arranged. One of the most commonly used facet arrangements for round diamonds is the cutting style that comes with a very specific arrangement of 57 to 58 facets. Other types of cutting styles also include the famous emerald cut which is a rectangular cut or square cut that is recognized by the use of four long facets which sit all along the sides called step cuts and also on the beveled corners. It should be kept in mind that diamonds which get cut in similar style and shape can vary very much when it comes to polish, thickness and such.

After settling on the diamond, it’s time to pick up metal for the band which will complete the diamond ring. Here’s how to go about it:

  • Type: Whatever type you choose will surely affect the overall style and look of the piece the most popular options are platinum and white gold.
  • Contrast: If you want to go for gold then consider getting white metal bezels or prongs which are very often integrated into yellow gold bands that successfully make a contrast with the diamond bought. Types like Rose Gold have a very warm appearance and is perfect for a retro style ring.

After you understand what these four C’s mean, the next part is to ask which one of these four is the most important to you. This factor will help you narrow into the diamond of your dreams. Understanding these 4Cs will help you buy diamond engagement ring with a lot of confidence since you will be able to describe the kind of ring you want and the also be able to understand why the seller is saying when he throws out jargon.