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Dos and don’ts while cleaning up a meth lab


Generally, there are only two types of people who raise the question of cleaning up meth labs. One of them is landlords who have discovered that their tenants have been using the house as a meth lab and second, the people who are looking to buy properties that were once used as a meth lab. In either case, it is best not to take up the charge of cleaning single-handedly. This is because meth contamination can be so toxic that even an exposure to low amounts of the chemicals can greatly disturb the normal bodily mechanisms.

Another reason for not doing it yourself is because meth is created under very controlled conditions. A slight imbalance in the conditions can very easily lead to explosions. In fact, 25 to 30 percent of all the meth labs get discovered as a result of explosions. This, added to the hazardous chemicals released during the process can even prove to be fatal.

Side effects caused by meth labs

Meth labs are clearly illegal and far more dangerous than most of the chemical manufacturing units. Meth production is accompanied by the release of various toxic spills, vapors, and fumes, all of which are categorized a highly hazardous to human health. Tissue irritation, fatigue, dizziness, and headaches are the immediate effects of exposure to low levels of meth contamination. Exposure to high levels can cause more detrimental side effects like shortness of breath combined with coughing, lack of muscle coordination, skin burns, chest pain and even death.

The vapors get dissolved in the mucous membranes causing eye irritation, burns, and irritation in the respiratory tracts. They can also affect the central nervous system, causing irreparable nerve cell damages. Prolonged exposure to meth contamination can consequently lead to cancer, central nervous system and brain damage, kidney, liver and spleen damage, drastic weight loss and a decrease in immunity. In cases of pregnancy, it can even result in birth defects.

Do’s while cleaning a meth lab

  • Since cleaning the meth by yourself is out of the question, make sure that you find a company to do the business for you.
  • Make sure that the company you are hiring is reliable. You may check their reviews and their expertise as well as years of service to be sure.
  • Be cautious if the company offers to do the job for you at a low price and in a very short span of time.
  • Generally, meth lab cleaning takes a good sum of money, but then, you get what you pay for.
  • During the cleaning process, meth molecules have to be neutralized with other molecules in order to stop their corrosive after effects. Find out what chemicals are used by your company and check if these are the supposed chemicals used during cleaning. If not handled properly, these same chemicals can cause corrosive effects on your property.

Don’ts while cleaning a meth lab

  • Do not paint over or encapsulate the meth contamination. This does not keep the chemicals from resurfacing.
  • Scrubbing or cleaning with household detergents is also not at all effective. The meth contaminants have to be neutralized with other chemicals to curb the reactions.
  • In cases of visible side effects, immediately visit a doctor, band aids, and household first aid are not at all helpful and should be avoided.