Trailer Brakes – 3

If you want to learn how trailer brake work, then you should know the major parts that are required for the trailer brakes:

  • Actuating Arm
  • Reactor Spring
  • Adjuster
  • Primary Shoe
  • Adjuster Spring
  • Secondary Shoe
  • Magnet

Components of an Electric Brake:

The large circle in the centre hole where you have to put trailer spindle, so on the axle, you can install the backing plate. The component that has four small holes is for bolt holes that allow you to bolt the Brake Flange with a backing plate which assembled at the back of the spindle.

How does electricity make the trailer brake work?

The magnet in the backing plate contains two conductor wires that are directly into the trailer wiring.  It magnetises the brake magnet when the electricity is on the brake magnet gets magnetised. The magnet is engaged to the drum face. When the drum face is connected to this area, it rotates due to the friction that moves the arm and drives the shoes against the drum. The shoes contain special brake pad material on them that opposes the heat sourced by that friction. When the shoes push against the inside part of the drum, they stop the hub, and therefore the wheel touch the ground and stop spinning.

How does the electricity get to the trailer brakes?

Plug in trailer electrical connection into the connector, the trailer that has electrical wires through the connector back to on each axle brake, and also to the trailer lights, to make a total circuit.  When the driver applies the brakes, it passes the current to vehicle’s brake control.  To activate the brakes the brake control sends the current back to the trailer.

Adjustable Couplers:

The adjustable couplers are particularly designed for the rough applications, like livestock hauling and horse, contraction trailer, and utility hauling. The adjustable couplers are strongest couplers that are available on the market.  These couples are also fit inside a 2-7/8 inches channel for fast, suitable adjustment that offers an exact fit to the towing vehicle.

Wedge Latch Coupler:

The AHC (Adjustable Height Coupler) features original couplet technology for secure, positive locking. An AHC (Available height Channel) bracket allows you to adjust to five height settings and assures an ideal fit to the trailer height for secure and safe towing.

Wedge Latch Adjustable Couplers- Channel Mount Coupler:

The AHC also provides a choice of height adjustments to make a sure level action when an individual trailer is towed by different vehicles. The Collar Lock technology assures tight constantly ball fit, which is considered as an industry limited.

A-Frame Jacks:

These Jacks are designed to meet heavy-duty vehicles like RVs, agricultural vehicles, industrial, marine trailers, and commercial vehicles. The HST (High strength triangular) steel mounting brackets offers quick and easy weld-on or bolt-on mounting and works for several years without any need of service. The A-Frame jacks are made by the top manufacturers. The A-Frame jacks can easily weld or bolt onto A-Frame couplers, and it is used on landscape trailers, utility campers, and some of the heavy-duty vehicles. Trailers for sale Auckland