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Guide on picking boltless shelving    


Shelves are indispensable to domestic, industrial as well as commercial use, which makes it important to go for the right shelf design. Although the most commonly used are the ones attached to walls through bolts, these are not really capable of bearing heavy loads. Under stress, the bolts are susceptible to give way thus making them comparatively inconvenient to boltless shelving. Boltless shelves are usually available as standalone shelves which need to be assembled prior to use. The different pieces are held together through wedges and bores. This ensures an even distribution of pressure throughout the furniture pieces, thus making them sturdier and stronger.

  1. Size

Boltless shelves can be as wide as eight feet, where a conventional shelf can only go up to 48 inches. The generous space provided by boltless shelves make the perfect pick for offices and business. Also, boltless shelves are open shelves, that is, without a door, thus making them suitable for shop displays. Since boltless pallet shelving Auckland is available in a wide range of designs, you will definitely find one to suit your requirements.

  1. Holding capacity

The greatest advantage of going for boltless pallet shelving Auckland is that these shelves offer a huge holding capacity. Since the shelves are already very spacious, they can be used to store bulky and heavy items. Being made out of sturdy metal or chrome wire, these shelves are strong enough to bear heavy weight without giving way. This makes them ideal for organizing all the heavy tools and stationeries. They are exceptional for industrial use as well. These aspects make a boltless metal shelf much more resourceful and reliable as compared to the wooden shelves.

  1. Designs

As mentioned before, boltless shelves are available in a wide range of designs. These standalone frameworks can be as tall as 4 to 5 shelves. However, it is the width that you should go for. A low and wide shelf can be handier than a tall one, although they provide the same storage space. You can easily view the shelf designs online. Since riveted shelves are also available in this category, you may want to go for a riveted shelf as against a plain looking one. This will not only increase the functionality, but also add to the aesthetic beauty of the room. Pallet shelving Auckland can be your one stop solution if you are not too well acquainted with the different designs.

Buying tips

The one thing to keep in mind while buying boltless shelves is not to mistake it for pallet racks. Although the two look more or less similar, pallet racks are specifically designed for industrial use, hence they are hard to assemble manually. They would rather require cranes and forklifts. Boltless racks, on the other hand, can be easily assembled and disassembled without any extra assistance. The next thing is the price. Make sure that you compare the prices offered by the various pallet shelving Auckland retailers before making your purchase. This will help you get the best deal on every item that you buy.