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Pros and cons of having acrylic nails


Acrylic nails, being one of the oldest forms of nail enhancements are greatly popular among the beauty enthusiasts. This method apparently gives you an almost flawless finish and comes at a reasonable price too. However, the recent developments in the beauty industry give the customers a wider choice when it comes to choosing the procedures. Although they look great, there are many drawbacks associated with it, mainly concerning the natural health of the nails. This article will cover both the pros and cons of having acrylic nails so as to guide you in making the right decision.

  1. Can be applied to weak nails

Different nail enhancements put different levels of stress on the nails. Some of the heavy enhancements are usually not applicable to the weaker and thinner nails. However, these nails are much lighter thus making it a safe option even for the readily breakable nails.

  1. Reliable

The main reason why acrylic nails are reliable is because they have been around for ages now and almost all the nail nails have a pretty good experience working with it. To sum it up, they are not an experimental venture. You will know the exact results that you are going to get, hence no uncertainty and no risk taking.

  1. Cheap

Acrylic nails are comparatively cheaper as compared to its other counterparts. The expenses are going to come very light without you having to make any compromise on the quality.

  1. Easy to fix

In case you happen to break or damage your false nails, the cost of fixing them is not much. If you have the right set of nail tools, you can even fix them at home.

  1. Long lasting

Unlike the gel nails, false nails made of acrylic are very long lasting and remain in good shape too. Therefore, you will be saved from the brunt of running to the salon every now and then. This will also save you from burning a hole in the pocket.

  1. Can be soaked off

When it comes to removing the nails, you can do it right at home by simply soaking the nails. However, it is always advisable to collect a little information before advancing on your own. If you get it right, this will again save you a great deal of budget.


  1. Does not look natural

Although this is a matter preference, they do not look very natural. Therefore, acrylic may not be a good bargain for those preferring natural nails.

  1. Nail damage

Since acrylic last for quite a long time, the nail underneath gets substantially damaged. This may hinder the normal health and growth of nails. If not taken care of in a proper way, the nails may also become a breeding ground for bacteria.

  1. Chemicals

The application of these false nails involves a lot of chemicals, most of which give fumes. So if you are going for acrylic nails, make sure that you are not allergic to any of these chemicals