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Technology used by Apple to fix broken iPhone screens


Most of the iPhone users must have suffered this issue once in their lives. The greatest malady – breaking or damaging the iPhone screen. iPhone screens are delicate and nee genuine Apple vendors to repair it.

Let us now take this from a broader perspective. In this article, we will know more about the advanced and unique technology used by Apple for fixing broken or damaged iPhone screens.

Do you know that Apple has developed a custom machine for repairing damaged iPhone screens? They have studied the iPhone repair problem carefully and come up with a robust and effective solution.

The special highlights of the Apple iPhone repair services are as follows:

Development of machines – Apple is in the process of designing and developing 400 custom machines for retail outlets across the world. These machines are specifically designed for repairing damaged iPhone screen repairs.

Training to staff – As these machines are sophisticated, Apple has trained its staff to use these machines. Apple understands how significant an iPhone is to its user. Hence, it has offered the facility of same-day repairs to fix iPhone screens. As a result, the iPhone users can get their repaired handsets on the same day itself without wasting time.

Functioning of the custom machines – You must have assumed that these machines are indulged only in replacing the iPhone screen. It goes beyond mere replacement. The handsets go through a mini-factory procedure wherein the display is optimised. If the screen is not replaced properly, then it may give rise to other malfunctions. Thus, these machines help in ensuring whether the iPhone screen is replaced properly or not.

Expectations – Apple aims to minimise the efforts of its users. It knows that iPhone users have to stand in long queues for iPhone repair. It is expected that these custom machines will save the time and efforts of users considerably.

Earlier, Apple retail centres used to despatch damaged iPhone to the Apple service centre. This involved a lot of time. As one finds it difficult to trace Apple stores, independent stores were established to suffice the purpose.

Prices–As far as prices are concerned, Apple has minimal prices for those users who have subscribed to the AppleCare program. It is calculated that users who do not fall under the AppleCare program can avail services from the mall kiosks. Local mobile service shops are free to set their prices. However, a better alternative would be to approach the Apple Centre. With the advent of machines in the retail centres, it would be more convenient and affordable to approach instead of compromising with a local vendor. It is advisable that users who don’t have any mobile technical knowledge should not try repairing iPhone screen by themselves. Such repairs won’t be covered under the warranty. They will have to bear additional costs for repairs in the future.

Conclusively, the custom machines to be introduced by Apple at their retail centres seem to be an effective and one-stop solution for iPhone screen repair problems. The users will get same-day services at affordable rates.