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5 Top Common Questions When Installing Glass Pool Fencing

Since the glass pool fencing becomes popular many of homeowners wanting to install it in their pool. It may be difficult to decipher the difference between glass pool fencing for untrained eyes since all look just amazing but before you begin asking for quotes here are the top most common questions you need to know.


Before any deal for installation of the glass pool fencing start, you need to compare prices and cost. In this stage, it is normal that you may have few questions to ask the installing company or to fencing supplier. Check below for the things you need to know before anything else.


  1. What is the thickness best recommended for the fencing panels?


The glass panels available in the market may vary with their thickness. Depending on the purpose, you may use different thickness, but for glass pool fencing we recommend that you should use a panel with 8 to 12mm thickness. This will ensure that it is strong enough to manage the force and impact.


  1. Do they have a safety glass standard?


All glass pool fencing requires set and standard for safety glasses and as homeowners, you must ask for it to the glass supplier. This way you know that it passed the strict regulation and standard needed to avoid accidents.


  1. What is the size of the glass panels?


For glass fence panels, the height and the width may vary in their standard. There are also customized and tailored sizes for glass panels, if you need it but this may cost you more.


  1. What is the material used in your post?


For glass pool fencing, the post can either be of stainless steel or aluminum material. You have to check the thicker grade of stainless steel or the powered coated aluminum material for a result that is of good quality.


  1. Can you install it on your own?


There are also glass suppliers that offer fencing kit for customers. This will allow their client to install the glass pool fencing on their own just by following the given direction, however, the warranty for this fencing kit is very limited. Keep in mind that it is best to rely on professional work for the good result. You must also consider that glass panels are quite heavy and installing it on your own may be a great challenge.


Additional Information:


Glass pool fencing can either be frameless or semi-frameless in forms and style. With difficult weather condition such as high wind locations, the glass panels should be separated and the post will support it. In this way, the wind cannot bend or break the panel. Between the aluminum and stainless steel preferences, we suggest you use stainless steel material because it is the best choice when it comes to toughness and ability to withstand challenging conditions brought by weather and other destructive elements of nature.


Another thing you have to know if you desire to have glass pool fencing is that it must conform with the standard and regulation for the local area or state. There can be an inspector that will check if it passed for safety regulations when it comes to the glass pool fencing’s height, latches, and other safety measures so that when there are kids that will enter the are with adult supervision, we can limit the accident. When looking for an installer for glass pool fencing, pick the professional service near your area or state because they are the one who best knows the building regulations and can follow it accurately.